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Anonymous asked: How do you prove to someone who thinks the worst of themselves that they're worth it?


I have yet to figure that one out myself dear. I wish I could be more helpful :/ 

Anonymous asked: You're really goofy and it makes me happy


I’m glad :) I like to hear that you’re happy. 

Anonymous asked: Your smile makes my day worth it


Knowing that I can in any way improve even a second of your existence makes my life worth it. So thank you :)

darling, they tell us that love is a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses


that’s what i thought too
when i was twelve
and naive
but here we are
and there’s not
much of candlelit
dinners or sunset picnics
no one puts two straws
in one starbucks
the pasta’s overcooked
and they’re all broken,
sauce is too sour
you see, no one’s ever
happy these days
and apparently, apologies
aren’t meant to
express regret anymore
but to fill the silence

this is love
for us, at least
and we’re okay with that.


Anonymous asked: Your hair is beautiful


That is very kind of you to say, thank you :)

Anonymous asked: May I ask advice? I'm totally in love with a girl, but she just can't see it.. How do I do better to show her?


Everybody knows the famous line “we accept the love we think we deserve” and it’s true. If she doesn’t believe that you love her than she most likely doesn’t feel like she deserves it. Prove to her that she does, and you’re golden.

Anonymous asked: Pretty shitty..


What’s wrong darling?

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